Diffusion of Christianity

Jesus’ ideas spread rapidly throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa, especially among the neediest, for they were messages of peace, love, and respect. The apostles, during the first century, took on this task.

 The Christian religion made so many followers that in the year 313 AD emperor Constantine I granted freedom of religious worship through the Edict of Milan. In the year 380, Christianity was transformed into the official religion of the Roman Empire through Edict of Thessalonica ordered by Emperor Theodosius I.

In the time of the great navigations (centuries XV and XVI), the religion arrived until America through the Jesuit priests, whose primary mission was to teach the natives.

The Bible

 The sacred book of Christians (Holy Bible) can be divided into two parts: Old and New Testament. The first part tells the creation of the world, the history, the Jewish traditions, the laws, the life of the prophets and the coming of the Messiah. In the New Testament, written in the first century, appear the Gospels (life and teachings of Jesus), as well as several texts of the apostle Paul and the Apocalypse (book of revelations). You can check out Carter Conlon.